Women are underrepresented in the tech industry

Women contribute to improving the overall performance of the company
Female-led businesses and businesses with more female employees are historically three times more successful than male-dominated ones.

A study carried out in 2020 by McKinsey confirms it: the most diversified tech companies have more productive employees and, as a result, gain considerably in performance.

Women think differently

Women bring a perspective, a work ethic, they have a different outlook on life and see things from a different angle. This promotes a collaborative approach to technology. Decades of research have shown that diversity makes us more successful and innovative. Recruiting talents from different backgrounds and having them work together makes it easier to solve challenges.

Women can change the tech landscape

Having a greater female representation in technology will bring a new dimension to the whole ecosystem. A concrete example is the creation of products that take into account all consumers (men and women). This represents a significant competitive advantage!

How to accelerate ?

The tech industry has not been kind to women. The ecosystem is often toxic, demanding, and time-consuming. Overall, it’s not a lack of interest that drives women away, but a lack of support and encouragement.

A good starting point:

Receive qualified resources internal or external to the company. Leadership training, for example, can help women achieve their goals, reinforce their skills, and see the opportunities that await them within the industry.

Find targeted female groups

An example, the “Women in tech” movement https://women-in-tech.org/ has spread to almost every country in the world, a good way to connect with other women and exchange.

Getting closer to mentoring and/or coaching initiatives.

Being in a perspective of growth is essential to evolve, know yourself better and take action. Today, some programs allow you to get out of the shackles and experience freedom at all levels.

Networking /Networking

Exchanging, discussing and sharing new ideas and/or professional opportunities between women is also an interesting way to thwart the system.

“Alone we go faster, together we go further”