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Drive teamwork to fulfill your organization’s mission


We believe that with the right skills and support, your team can become a full-fledged force in your field


Our workshops cover a range of relevant topics, from self-confidence to self marketing and provide easy-to-implement hacks for greater empowerment.

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Either a 1 day workshop or half day we provide a range of formulas adapted to your needs.


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  • Retain your talent
  • Motivate your tribes
  • Increase your team’s productivity.
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My team found the workshop to be both informative and engaging, with pratical tips and tools that they could implement immediately in their daily work.
They have become more aware of their individual strengths and how to leverage them to achieve greater success.

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Emmanuelle Benoliel
EVP Global Marketing @Aircall

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When you join Comet, you enter an ecosystem that is aligned with our
mission and values.


Join a vibrant community of women ready to become purpose driven leaders!


Give your employees a safe place to speak up and be heard.

C O M E T Tribe


The 1st community driven online and hybrid platform offering opportunities for women in tech to develop skills, build their network, and receive support from peers.


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Holistic learning

Transformative approach that goes beyond traditional courses.

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Empower connections

Tailored experiences for women that facilitate community bonding.

comet tribe empower connection

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Members can connect in real time through Desktop or Mobile App.